Prices Start at £20

available in Small - 1-4 figures, Medium 5 - 8 Figures, Large 9 - 15 figures.


these are individually handpainted with Watercolours on coldpressed watercolour paper, to your item, colour, pattern and height specifications.  each picture is then mounted and framed.

if you have any specific details you would like adding please feel free to ring and discuss what you need 07508953802.

In the comments section please write each object/person/pet in order of how they should appear in the frame (left to right) and what item you would like to represent them ie wellies, laptop, dog bowl with bone etc, along with any colour preferences, for wellies please list size preferences ie who should have the tallest down to smallest etc.

Watercolour Family Picture - Wellies, Balloons, Flowers,Electricals